Comparison of 16 CBO Forecasts of U.S. Publicly Held Debt as Percent of GDP (2009-2021)

Explore this visualization that compares 16 CBO forecasts from 2009 to 2021 of U.S. publicly held debt as a percent of GDP.. [Updated Sep. 22, 2021]

About this visualization

I (Richard Evans) created this visualization for a report I was working on in 2021 on U.S. debt and deficits. This plot shows how U.S. forecasts by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) of publicly held debt as a percent of GDP have changed over time.

Functionality of the dynamic visualization

This dynamic visualization allows the user to customize some different views and manipulations of the data using the following functionalities.

Contributing to this visualization code

This dynamic visualization was created using the script, written in the Python programming language. I used the Bokeh plotting library to create the JavaScript for the visualization. All of the scripts, data, and detailed documentation are available on the GitHub page for this visualization ( You can fork that repository and follow the instructions in the to create and modify this visualization on your own machine. If you wish to improve or enhance this code or if you find errors or bugs, please consider the following ways to contribute to this project.


Evans, Richard W., “Repository of data, code, and dynamic visualizations of U.S. debt and deficits over time by political party prevalence in the White House and Congress,”, (Sep. 22, 2021).